Special Commodities

With years of experience handling cargo that need special care, we have developed expertise in moving and clearing special cargo such as fresh and frozen food, stone, and e-cigarette.

Reefer Cargo

Our team is a pioneer in the reefer cargo market. We started to handle reefer cargo since 1995 and have expanded our services to Guangdong,  Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan, Zhejiang, Shandong, and many other areas in China. We are now one of the top reefer container NVOCC forwarders in Guangdong province well-recognized in the industry.
We offer competitive rates and all-rounded services for reefer containers all over the globe, and we are especially strong in the China-North America route in which we move about 13,000TEU reefer cargo annually.
With our strong strategic relations with major reefer carriers such as OOCL, EVERGREEN, and MAERSK, we can guarantee fast, accurate, and cost-effective services for your fresh and frozen products. 


Started from 1995, we became an expert in transporting natural stones for stone traders all around the world.  
Our service reaches all major regions for natural stone supply, and particularly strong in the Turkish-China route. 

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